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Trending Corporate Interior Designs

How about giving a transformation like never before? Offices are pretty much influential. You walk into an office and immediately start judging its services through its interior. Those hefty board lighting, marble floors, luxurious furnishings, and much more say volumes about the office without speaking a word.

Well, if this is the scenario, an office owner shouldn’t hesitate to contact a corporate interior designer to make the workplace an aesthetic place to work as well as a convincing place for the clients. Sarayan interior designers in Mumbai are known for their 18+ years of equipping workspaces with exotic interiors and enhancing the elegance of the place.


Searching out some trending interior designs? Here are some cool corporate designs that you’d love to try.

Psychographic designs

A workplace inhabits a struggle, compassion, hard work, morals, and a journey. Psychographic designs bring out these aspects to let the visitor know about the story of your workspace. The designer analyses the office gathers the information regarding the company’s ethnicity, morals, attitude, services, etc, and creates an aesthetic design out of it.


The design automatically conveys what the office is all about the office and thus, has been known for showing results.

Wellness office designs

We all have heard about wellness homes and wellness kitchens. These designs, as the name suggests, are known for providing the maximum health benefits to the owners through proactive behaviors and habits. Just like homes, wellness offices are also much sought-after due to the rising health consciousness.


Studies suggest that our surroundings impact 90% of our overall health and since corporate life is much of chaos, wellness office designs help the employees stay active and healthy, which automatically improves productivity.

Community designs

Cultivating relations has great importance in the corporate world. Besides, employees also need time to interact with their colleagues in an open environment. Community designs are designed especially for fulfilling the social requirements. The designers accommodate space in the office where employees can sit and interact with each and other as well as with the clients, giving the employees to build informal relationships.


Sustainability designs

These designs comprise using a great number of natural elements that are known for showing positive signs on the mental and physical health of the corporates. These designs emphasize using larger windows, indoor trees, wall paintings, and other elements to embed naturalism in the interior and give the healthiest working environment.


Sarayan top interior designers in Mumbai

Established in 2000, Sarayan has been setting several milestones in the fields of interior designing, workspace analysis, and constructions. The company works with a team of professional architects, experienced interior decorators, and top-notch constructors, providing the most luxurious working environment to over 200+ customers in 20+ cities, including PNB, Canara Bank, Allahabad Bank, and many more.


The final words

A charming office design serves as a temptation for the clients as it reflects much about your services than words do. Investing in corporate interior designs may prove to be the most fruitful investment and open new avenues towards a shinier future.

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