There are lots of debates regarding the use of metadata in the web sites from the angle of view of search engine optimization. Many experts of SEO Services Company London think that the use of metadata intelligently helps in getting top rankings in the search engines. As all the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing keep mum about their indexing methodology for obvious reasons, it is all left to the critical analysis and experience of the seo experts of Organic SEO Services London. Before delving into the details about using metadata it will be helpful to define the metadata.

What are metadata?

In essence by metadata it is referred to the title tags and other tags such as keywords and descriptions etc. It is said that the search engines scan these metadata in order to index the web sites.

The title tags

The title which you provide in your web site has a direct bearing to the keywords which the visitors to the search engines type while seeking for the information. In this perspective there should be any doubt regarding the role played by the title tag in the ranking. The search engine tends to give high value to the content of the title tag for knowing all about the matters in the content.


In order to extract the maximum benefit out of the title tag, take care to position your keyword in the title. The best principle is to position the keyword to the extreme left. The crawler software of the search engine would like such keywords and you get good response from the search engine algorithm. Such important but easily attainable points should be taken care of by the seo experts. This is particularly true for the home page which has the maximum value for the search engine software compared to the other pages of the web site.

What should be the length of the keywords? There is no definitive answer for this question. But the experts of SEO Services Company London suggest number of characters ranging from 60 to 120 characters. It is advisable to select the length of the keywords somewhere in the middle for best results. The use of keyword list should be avoided as this is not necessary. Rather the search engine considers the list as spam.


Meta description tag

The meta description tells what you are going to tell in your content. In case of absence of meta description tag the search engine would like to use part of the text of the content. Generally the text which comes just after the opening body of the content is considered for the scanning by the crawler software of the search engines. The choice of the crawler software can also be the text which resembles closely to the keyword which the information seekers type in the search engine.


The meta description has got to be concise and hardly more in length than the title as well as grammatically correct. The length of the meta description should be between 90 to 160 characters as per the Organic SEO Services London .